and the word is out! we will be adding another babe to the family in early summer... hurray! the big sister & big brother are thrilled, and mommy is happy to be past the first trimester woes... alright, folks! here comes wild!!



a friend kindly gifted this sweet little tea set to us this week! and kj promptly set about serving tea, complete with fancy clothes for her & her guest, and a poached egg or two!



while mommy & daddy went gallavanting off to boston for the national asla conference (aka, working get-away), grandma & grampa happily filled in to take care of the kiddos on the homefront. they managed to have an adventure each day, to cbs, ecfe, the playground, and the ever-entertaining backyard (thanks for raking our leaves!!), as well as plenty of relaxed playtime & read-time. of course there was much bird-watching & playing with the bird app on grandma's phone, as well. luckily, mommy got to enjoy a few days with them, too, and we all went exploring in chester park. the hike along the waterfalls was breathtaking! thanks so much, mom & dad, for taking time to be with our family & care for us. we appreciate you!



kj & daddy are ready for a hockey game! go bulldogs!



kj was helping mommy clean up the foyer. now that's a lot of shoes for one little family!!



i think lj was happy to see the water, but sad he couldn't go fishing in it... oh how seasons change! but they will come around again, my boy, just you wait & see...



we got a sneak peek into daddy's new lab today! it's a brand new lab space for the environmental engineering work of umd... one side for teaching & the other for research. can you tell which space is in use already? he & his research group sure made quick work of moving in there! we know it's been a long wait & a lot of work getting here... we're so excited for you, daddy. a great addition to your department & to umd!