a friend offered to take some photos of aj for us, and it's so fun to have a professional behind the camera! thank you so much, tori billings! we are so grateful to have these beautiful memories of our sweet babe at six weeks old.



aj has been home for a week now, and we have spent a lot of time sitting around looking at the baby. and holding the baby. and kissing the baby. and poking the baby. and feeding the baby. of course we had to have a birthday party and dress her up in the cutest itty bitty clothing (many of which kj wore not long ago!). oh it is sweet to have a baby in the house again!



and here she is! we're so happy to tell the world that our girl arrived safe & sound this morning at 3:18am - Abigail Grace, 7lb 15oz, 19.5in. daddy scored another point for the redhead team! all are well & glad to be together. hallelujah!



we now have a four-year-old in the house! happy birthday, kj! upon request, we repeated the favorite party theme of last year - decorate your own cupcake! then play with friends. one year older, one more (at least) cupcake under her belt. :)



even though it was colder than cold (frigid would be the word! 15 below, give or take!) on the day marked for cutting our christmas tree, we held fast to tradition & got the job done. mommy & lj stayed very close to the bonfire in the woods, grasping every degree of heat we could find, while daddy & kj bundled up, covered their faces & ran for a tree. needless to say, it was not exactly the crowning glory of the forest & needed a little doctoring-up once we brought it home... but it is now resides in our home as our beloved mark of this joyous season!



and the word is out! we will be adding another babe to the family in early summer... hurray! the big sister & big brother are thrilled, and mommy is happy to be past the first trimester woes... alright, folks! here comes wild!!



a friend kindly gifted this sweet little tea set to us this week! and kj promptly set about serving tea, complete with fancy clothes for her & her guest, and a poached egg or two!